Putting the consumer at the heart of ESG strategy


Take an in-depth look at consumer attitudes and behaviours towards ESG and find out how to deliver meaningful impact to the lives of consumers, society and - importantly - the future health of your business using our consumer-centric framework.



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ESG has become a commercial imperative

As the evidence piles up that our past behaviours have had far-reaching social and environmental consequences, consumers are taking a stand. The era of conscious consumerism has morphed into one of consumer activism. Consumers and legislators alike are demanding change. But navigating the ever-evolving ESG landscape is tough.
Leveraging exclusive insights from our recent ESG research, combined with the perspectives of industry opinion leaders, we answer a number of key questions:
  • How important ESG is to consumers and where it fits into their lives
  • How and where businesses should invest for maximum impact
  • What key consumer-led challenges businesses need to overcome and how can they do this, using our specially-devised framework
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